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22 August 2008 @ 09:47 pm
 hey all. I just join livejournal today so i'm quite noob at using these. Forgive me if i do anything wrong.

A short intro: I'm sheriru_chan or you can call me cheryl if you want. I'm 13 turning 14 from singapore. I love almost everything to do with JAPANESE, MANGA/ANIME and of course also SINGING. Singing of course is aittle more important them japanese thought.

I came across nana mizuki through the anime "shugo chara" and through my friends. I found her singing super nice when i went to hear some of her songs. My favourite songs would be "Blue Moon", "Yume no Tsubomi" and "Brilliant Star". Btw, if anyone has any songs of nana, could you put up a link or send it to me?

I done with my intro =]]]]
Add me in msn if you all want to.  snowywings_cheryl@hotmail.com
08 July 2010 @ 09:57 pm

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